Loading & Delivery

Getting your valuables out of your pervious home and into your new one can be tricky. Luckily, we’re prepared for it.

  • Disassembly & Assembly: From entertainment centers to beds to swing set, just tell us what needs to be disassembled and moved with you. We’ll even put it back together for you at your destination.
  • We use Residence Protection Pads to protect the railings, tight corners, and doors.
  • Carpet Covers keep high traffic areas clean.
  • Systematic Loading boxes are labeled and inventoried based on rooms and your needs upon arrival.
  • Systematic Unloading

Protecting Your Belongings with Maximum Value Protection

We understand that your belongings are important to you, and it’s important to us that they arrive safely at their destination. But there are times when an item might get damaged. That’s why North American offers valuation protection. It’s protection that resolves the situation quickly, keeping you happy throughout our relationship–no matter what.

There are two forms of coverage you can choose from at North American

  1. Basic Liability Protection is no extra charge and provides repair or replacement up to a maximum of $0.60 per pound per article should your goods get damage or lost. But when it comes to protecting your belongings, one size does not fit all. The level of protection you need may be greater than what the basic liability protection offers.
  2. Maximum Value Protection is our protection plan that gives you peace of mind. It’s the most complete and competitive coverage offered, giving you full replacement protection on any item that is damaged during the move. That means North American covers the cost to replace or repair the item, whichever is less, up to the full value of the item and deductible. It even covers pairs and set of you complete shipment.